cloth of stillness

agender | of a kind...size 3-4 or medium, kimono wide T... ready to buy

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...the kammacloth, agender kimono wide T encapsulates the casual comfort of a boxy t-shirt contrasted by the regal architecture of kimono sleeves...the open curvature neckline allows for pull over access while side seam slits reveals tailored mobility and release...contemplative craft reveals a signature embroidery called, #beginnersmindembroidery, realized with black threads that organically flows from the upper posterior body through the anterior like an accidental gesture free from conceit...the neck regions are framed by ivory, re-embroidered Chantilly lace underlay with silk organza on which i inscribed the poem, Now...this is seen and can be read by the wearer as a means of ongoing intimacy with presencing through poetry, cloth and body...the interior is finished with classical, bias bindings and tapings, expressed on muslin cloth then surfaced with processual garment markings and freeform scribblings as aesthetic stimulation...the entire kimono T disrupts notions of right and wrong sides as the photos reveal and through finishings, surfacings and the tonal liberation of kamma whites with natural accented by a silk, satin grid in yellow glow...this uniqueness relies on each panel of cloth scraps that are hand selected, cut and sewn as a meditation on kamma or the action of cause | effect that results in wholeness through fragmentation...  

  • style #406K, one of a kind
  • kamma whites and natural accented with yellow glow
  • up-cycled cloths of 100 % linen, silk and cottons, 50% polyester with 25% nylon and  25% rayon
  • #mindheartfulupcycling made by me....kien Brooklyn, USA
  • garment has been dry clean...continue its care with dry clean only...
  • 3-4 or medium, agender size and due to its boxy cut, may accommodate smaller agender sizes as well, depending on wearing preference of desire length and volume ...
  • form height: 5' 7''/ 170.18 cm | bust & hips: 37"/ 48.26 cm... i am 5'8'/ 172.72cm | chest: 36"/91.44cm  | hips: 38"/96.52 cm  wearing it in photos and video
  • flat garment measurements...length: 32.5"/ 82.55 cm | chest: 25.25 / 64.14 cm  ( double for circumference ) | sleeve length from CB: 29"/ 73.66 cm
  • scroll to pack for traveling ease and spaciousness...
  • allow up to 3-5 business days, excluding holidays for in fulfillment of order
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