cloth of stillness

agender | of a kind...size 3-4 or medium, vessel tabard... ready to buy

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...the kammacloth, agender vessel tabard reimagines this ancient form into an abstract sculpture that reflects existential contemplation ...the entire silhouette is a guided by the poem, Vessel, leading to a one of a kind engineering process realized through strips of different silks, linen, cotton and frame with delicate Chantilly lace...a kamma black palette of colliding textures and architecture counterbalances the anterior and posterior of the tabard and allows for a liberating, garment plane reveals a diamond shaped yoke placed directly at sternum unifying the organic collision of each textural strip and then descending into a womb-like cowl strategically located over the uterus...the posterior plane,  from this embodiment,  reveals 2 panels that continues the textural stripping into a poetic waterfall down the back and seductively held by 3 pairs of silk ties...the introduction of #aniccaorganza celebrates impermanence through the transformation of silk organza by the passage of time, usage and washings...garment finishings includes abstract, french seaming, flat locks stitches, bias binding extends into hanging tails, hand cut and pieced lace mitering | framing along the entire asymmetrical hemline...the uniqueness of the vessel tabard relies on each panel of cloth scraps that are hand selected, cut and sewn as a meditation on kamma or the action of cause | effect that results in wholeness through fragmentation...  

  • style #407K, one of a kind
  • kamma blacks
  • up-cycled cloths of 100 % linen, silk and cottons, 50% polyester with 25% nylon and  25% rayon
  • #mindheartfulupcycling made by me....kien Brooklyn, USA
  • garment has been dry clean...continue its care with dry clean only...
  • 3-4 or medium, agender size and due to its boxy cut, may accommodate smaller agender sizes as well, depending on wearing preference of desire length and volume ...
  • form height: 5' 7''/ 170.18 cm | bust & hips: 37"/ 48.26 cm... i am 5'8'/ 172.72cm | chest: 36"/91.44cm  | hips: 38"/96.52 cm  wearing it in photos and video
  • flat garment measurements...the garment is a series of asymmetrical handkerchiefs hems...thereby the length is an estimation and varies cylindrically with longest length (top of neck to longest point of hem) is approximately: 46"/ 116.84 cm | chest: 29.5 / 74.93cm ( double for circumference ) | a/h opening: 8.5"/ 21.59 cm ( double for circumference )
  • scroll to pack for traveling ease and spaciousness...
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