cloth of stillness

agender | of a kind...size 5-6 or large, chrysalis poncho with ties... ready to buy

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...the kammacloth, agender chrysalis poncho with ties is a metamorphosis of this ancient form  into an organic sculpture that encases the body with both airy volume and graceful buoyancy... its reimagine silhouette is a reflection of contemplative engineering and reductive austerity by means of precise measurements and utilizing the cloth's architectural dna..this particular manifestation is completed with ties for transformative styling and play...contemplative craft mixes track seaming companion with abstract neck facing revealing symbolic, cocooned pink thread hairs... a tribute to a mind/heart of awakened divergency...texturizing of different whites (kamma whites) freeform stitching of cocooned, contrast thread ends with abstract compositions....this uniqueness relies on each panel of cloth scraps that are hand selected, cut and sewn as a meditation on kamma or the action of cause | effect that results in wholeness through fragmentation...  

  • style #405KT, one of a kind
  • kamma whites
  • up-cycled cloths of 100 % cotton  
  • #mindheartfulupcycling made by me....kien Brooklyn, USA
  • garment has been hot hand-washed hot and flat dried... continue its care with gentle, hand-wash only and flat dry...dry clean as alternative.
  • 1/2 or small, agender size and due to its boxy cut, may accommodate all  agender sizes as well, depending on wearing preference of desire length and volume ...
  • form height: 5' 7''/ 170.18 cm | bust & hips: 37"/ 48.26 cm
  • flat garment measurements...length: 24.5"/ 62.23 cm | chest: 50 / 127 cm  ( double for circumference )
  • triangle folding to pack for traveling ease and spaciousness...
  • allow up to 3-5 business days, excluding holidays for in fulfillment of order
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