cloth of stillness

cloth of stillness 7 | Sojourn by kien chu...made to order

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What will I make of a love that's mortal and fading?

This is all that I can know as a matter of fact but it isn't to disregard the
interdependencies between the veil of things.

I want to know life on its last breath and where the edges of space can teach me about infinity boundless.

From here to there, selvage to selvage, my life is liken to this cloth and with each yarn, stitch and tear; I discover the miracle of all things  earthy, imperfect and strangely complete...

cloth of stillness 7 | Sojourn by kien chu 2.1.2014



  • cloth of stillness 7 (Sojourn)
  • made in mindfulness by me...kien Brooklyn, USA
  • do not clean as necessary with light detergent and warm water
  • poetry scroll measures approx. width 6"/15.25 cm  x 12.5"/ 31.75cm
  • each scroll is handwritten to order with durable black ink on heavy weight 100 % cotton muslin wrapped in red, 100 % rayon stillness cord with 3 knots...each scroll is one of a kind due to variances in handwriting, stanza structure, composition, knots and hand of muslin
  • allow up to 7-10 business days, excluding holidays for in fulfillment of order
  • each purchase is made to order only and final sale...the scroll will be personalized on the outside in 1 of 2 ways and requires that you input one of the personalization options when adding to cart...please include accuracy of names under, " special instructions for seller box " when checking out
  • 1- if purchasing for yourself, it will be written to: your first and last name and from: cloth of stillness ...the poem's name will be on the inside of the scroll...
  • 2- if purchasing as a gift for another, it will be written to: their first and last name and from: your first and last name...the poem's name will be on the inside of the scroll...
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